Organizing books on kindle

Best tips on organizing books on kindle

If you have ample collections of books in your kindle, you must organize them in a proper way. So that you can find the book easily, for which you are searching for. You must know that how to create a collection on kindle library properly. This article will provide you with necessary information on organizing books on kindle.

Follow the ways of organizing books on kindle

To keep your kindle neat and clean, you should know how to manage kindle books for arranging them in a particular way. There are two major things, which you should consider when you are getting the eBooks from mail inbox to the download file, to a prepared folder and finally to an organized device for reading them. This is the first way of organizing books properly on kindle.

Organizing books on kindle

The first one is- how can you get the books from a particular point to another point, like- from a computer to wireless device and the other one is- how can you organize the books to make them functional. These steps will help you to know how to organize your kindle library. To know it in details, check the site called Heroes and Heartbreakers.

Keep an eye on the methods to manage kindle books

1. At the very first you have to follow the built-in methods.

A. If you want organizing books on kindle, then it will allow you to categorize your titles into 3 ways. The three methods are specified by the most recent, by title and by the author. Recently they are provided another option that is by collections. You can check Dear Author to get the details.

You can also use the five ways to scroll. These are given below-

  • You can scroll the right to sort by author name or title

  • You can scroll the left to sort by the type of items

B. you can also sort it out by the type of items. This is very helpful while you want to subscribe the various magazines or blogs or else you are about to send PDFs to your kindle. You also can sort the books by all items, by subscriptions, by books, by personal documents and many more.

How to organize your kindle library

2. Search and personalized organization

If you want to know that how to organize your kindle library then there are various methods to personalize your own organizations, by using the search task. From your home page, you will start typing for searching any word which you want. You will be able to put a label, after downloading or finishing a book. To do this, go to the contents table. Then scroll towards the first word and start to type the label and create a note. You can start each and every note with k/ and can use tags or labels like- k/romance, k/historical, k/classic, k/thriller, k/horror etc. Even after completing a book you will be able organizing books on kindle. You can also add some notes, like- k/favorite, k/excellent, k/good and many more. This way will help you to find a specific genre from home page, you just type k/thriller and all the books with that particular label will come. To get more details you can click at How- To Geek.

How to create a collection on kindle

The reason why it is better

You will be able to find this a little bit better than the folders, because here you don’t need to create any new folder for each new genre. You can also give them many labels, like- k/ adventure, k/thriller, k/unread, k/classic and many more like this. Then whenever you will search for any of the topics of any books, just an easy search will bring it up in front of you. If you search the easy process of how to create a collection on kindle, just follow this. You can also check Epubor for some details.

So just go through the steps to organize the books on kindle properly.