How to organize your books

Tips on how to organize your books

Some people are not actually very organized, but when the matter is regarding their bookshelves, they become more organized than anyone in this world. These people are mad about books. If you are having an extensive book collection then you must know that how to organize your books, so that you can get the book, for what you are looking. This article will suggest you that how to organize books through various methods. For details you can check WikiHow

Various methods of how to organize books

If you are ready for organizing bookshelves with all you books, then you must follow some rules and methods. The following methods are given below-


This method is the most used organizational method and may be the most trustworthy, when you are thinking that how to organize a library. You can organize your book like most of the libraries do. You can arrange them according to the alphabetical order by the last mane of the authors, like- Austen, Brown etc. You also can arrange the books taking the first alphabet of the title of the books, like- Da Vinci Code, Emma etc. you must remember that the articles, that is “a”, “an” and “the” will not be counted into it. To get details on this, click on the site.

Tips on how to organize your books


If you are having a huge collection of different types of books, may be you will like organizing bookshelves of yours by their genre. Your library can be divided in the following segments, like- Mystery, Fiction, Reference, young adult and the books of art and design. You can also include Science fictions, Graphic Novels, Werewolves, Crocheting and the rest of your collections. For details check apartment therapy.


This option is one of the most controversial ones if you want to know how to organize your books. If there is no need of using some books, or else you can find your books easily by the color of the cover, then it is a good option for you. You can organize them according to the color across your bookshelf or else you can also arrange them according to the color blocks. Except this you can also place your books creating an alternate chunk of white and black, so that it can look like stripes. If you are curious to know that how to organize a library, you will be able to get various cool options on arranging your book shelves.


This option is apt for the geeks. You can arrange your books according to the time periods or else by the number of the parts, like- part 1, part 2 etc. to know in details, check Home Storage Solutions 101.


If your book’s size is smaller than the normal size, you can arrange your books in stacks. This is one of the best methods which can be used for any rare or old books.

how to organize your books


You can arrange the books with your memories. Like someone is talking about The Great Gatsby, then your mind will enter in the memories of your junior high school, or someone say a name of a poem’s book, you will start to watch the flashbacks of your past relationship. This is also a cool method to arrange your books.

Some other options how to organize your books

You can also get various options on the different websites in the internet, where you will be able to get ample of designs for organizing your bookshelves, if you want to know how to organize your books. The options are too cool and attractive which will put a full stop on your thinking of how to organize your library.

So stop thinking and chose the best option for you.

Some other options how to organize your books