#TrumpBookReport: great literature reimagined as a tweet from the Donald

Twitter users have seized on a tweet describing the Republican nominees vague debate responses as like a book report from a teenager who hasnt read the book

Inspired by Donald Trumps responses during the third presidential debate, Twitter users are humorously attempting to explain great works of literature through the Republicans eyes using #TrumpBookReport.

The idea seemed to have been spawned from a widely shared tweet from Antonio French, a city alderman and mayoral candidate in St Louis, Missouri, criticizing Trump for his vague, surface-level remarks during the debate.

Trumps foreign policy answers sound like a book report from a teenager who hasnt read the book, French wrote on Wednesday night. Oh, the grapes! They had so much wrath!

The debate was the final opportunity for Trump and Hillary Clinton to spar on national television ahead of election day, and plenty of other remarks from the Republican nominee inspired their own widespread online reactions. Many began sharing hair memes after Trump called for removing bad hombres (or perhaps he said ombrs) from the US.

After Trump called Clinton a nasty woman, many on Twitter quickly moved to reclaim the term, making it their username or hoping for T-shirts. More than 100 products have already been marketed on Etsy using variations of the quote, with Nasty Women Vote T-shirts, buttons and coffee mugs. Trumps insult was an unintended boon for singer Janet Jackson and her 1986 song Nasty. A spokesperson for Spotify told Quartz streams of her song spiked 250% after the debate.

The book report joke caught on quickly in replies to Frenchs tweet, with riffs on Moby-Dick, Catcher in the Rye, Of Mice And Men and the Great Gatsby, before becoming its own trending hashtag. The imagined book reports took on some of Trumps rhetoric, from his campaign slogan, self-promotional tendencies to his disparaging comments about women.

Bill Fryer (@BillOnFryer)

I’ve never had a problem finding Waldo, Never. Ask anyone. I always find Waldo. #TrumpBookReport

October 20, 2016

Richard Winters (@rwinter2)

There was a Lion, okay? King of the Jungle. And the Witch? Lemme tell you, nasty. And the Wardrobe, so luxurious. The best. #trumpbookreport

October 20, 2016

Gloria Bernstein (@GloriaBB2)

“TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD? Believe me-if those mockingbirds had guns they wouldn’t have been killed.”#TrumpBookReport

October 20, 2016

Jennifer Weiner (@jenniferweiner)

Little Women? Look at their Facebook page. That Jo walked in front of me, and I don’t think so, folks, I don’t think so. #TrumpBookReport

October 20, 2016

Maureen Johnson (@maureenjohnson)

Fault? These stars are a disaster. A disaster, let me tell you. Believe me, I’m going to make stars great again. #TrumpBookReport

October 20, 2016

Callie (@calliembush)

Those poor heights. They were wuthering. Wuthering so bad. Bigly wuthering. I’ll make them great again. #TrumpBookReport @AntonioFrench

October 20, 2016

Summer Brennan (@summerbrennan)

Nowhere does it say that anything actually happened between Lolita and Humbert, it was just boy talk. #TrumpBookReport

October 20, 2016

Lauren Holmes (@lholmes12)

Lady Macbeth. Nasty woman. Blood coming out of her wherever. #TrumpBookReport

October 20, 2016

Brian Francis (@briandfrancis)

Gatsby? He says he was great. I don’t know. People are saying maybe not so great. I’ll make Gatsby great again. #trumpbookreport

October 20, 2016

Historical Trump (@HistoryDTrump)

It took Low Energy Harry Potter 7 books to defeat Voldermort. Sad! I would have beat him in the first book! #TrumpBookReport

October 20, 2016

Amber Kirk-Ford (@MileLongBookS)

Voldemort was a good man. A good man. People say I’m like him, that’s good. But Hermione was a nasty, nasty woman. #TrumpBookReport

October 20, 2016

kyla crowther (@whatkylasaid)

Oedipus. Tremendous leader. The best. I’ve always said that if Jocasta were my mother, perhaps I’d be dating her. #TrumpBookReport

October 20, 2016

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A letter to my daughter regarding Trump

(CNN)I am so sorry that the world I’ve brought you into is one in which not only is Donald Trump possible, but possibly the next President of the United States. I had hoped that by this point in history, we would be better than this. Apparently, we’re not.

You know some of what Donald Trump has said and done in this campaign. You hear it on the news, kids talk about it at school. “I hate Donald Trump,” you said the other day during breakfast. Please don’t. Don’t hate one sad man with a lot of power and little self-restraint. And don’t hate the people who are enthusiastically supporting him. Donald Trump is running a campaign of hate, and hate cannot be solved by hate but by empathy and understanding.






Our progress as a nation is something you can be proud of. As you grow up, it’s important you understand more and more about the dark parts of America’s history, but also the bright moments where we moved forward. Once upon a time in our nation, black people were the legal property of white people and only white men could vote. We changed all that. Our history has progressed imperfectly, but make no mistake about it, it has progressed — and that simple but glorious fact should always give you hope. Do not let those fighting against this progress convince you that they are the only ones who love their country. Fighting to make our nation more inclusive and more just is one of the highest forms of patriotism I can imagine. If you always fight for fairness and justice, you will make me proud and you will make our country proud. You will be a bright light in our nation’s still-unfolding story.
All of this may be too hard for you to understand right now. After all, you’re only eight years old. But I know you understand the difference between right from wrong. And I know that you know the things Donald Trump has said about Mexicans and veterans and Muslims and women are wrong. More importantly, you know that what he stands for is wrong — a narrow vision of America that promises opportunity for some through the oppression of others. That “logic” shaped the mistakes of our nation’s past. I pray every night it will not shape our future.
You’ve said that if Donald Trump wins, you want to move to India. I’m afraid to tell you that the current prime minister of India isn’t much better than Trump. But more importantly, no matter what happens on Election Day, we will stay and fight for justice. If Trump wins and does the things he has promised, we will not only march in the streets, but we will use our bodies to stop his forces from entering mosques or raiding homes of immigrants. And if Trump does not win, we will still need to fight — against the strains of intolerance and hate that still course consciously and unconsciously through each of our minds and our entire nation. If Trump is defeated, there is much work to be done to ensure that another Trump does not rise.

Join us on Twitter and Facebook

On November 8, I will take you with me to vote. And together we will vote to elect Hillary Clinton the first woman president in the 227-year history of the U.S. presidency. And with that choice we will also vote to uplift the best of America’s values. With every fiber of our beings, we will continue to vote and speak and write and march and do whatever we can to uphold and uplift justice and inclusion and fairness and kindness and equal opportunity for all.
I cannot promise you that these values will always govern every moment of our nation’s future, just as they clearly failed at times in our past. But I can promise you that I will fight for a world and a country that is, at its core, as loving and generous and beautiful as you are. I will fight for the world that you and all children deserve. Electing Hillary Clinton and defeating Donald Trump is just one step. Onward.

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